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    Taneko Garlic Farm in Aomori prefectuer,Japan.

  • Taneko Garlic to the world!!

  • Hi,My name is Hironori Taneko.I'm a Garlic famer in Takko-Town,Aomori
    I want to bring happiness by delivering Garlic!

    Please let me know if you want garlic.
    I will check whether or not garlic meets the requirement of plant quarantine of your country and I can export it to you.

    But,I can send "Black garlic" regardless of quarantine requirement.
    Black garlic is processed garlic.
    It is very sweet and healthy.
    Just peel the skin and eat it.

    Please contact me if you are interested!

  • How to order

  • Please let me know the following five by email or my Facebook page messenger.
    1,Articles and Quantity
    2,Your name
    4,postal code
    5,Telephone number


  • About fee

  • (100yen is about 1 dollar. It changes depending on the rate at that time.)

    ・Normal Garlic   One 150 yen

    Normal Garlic picture

    ・Black Garlic   One bag 2800 yen. (One bag 300g)

    Black Garlic picture

    Just peel the sikn and eat it.

    ・Shipping fee

    For example, Up to 1kg.
    North America,Central America, Midlle East and Oceania・・・・2900yen
    South Amerika and Africa・・・・4100yen

    Please contact me for more than 1kg.

  • How to pay

  • The only payment method is Credit card.
    I will ship after confirming the payment.

    We use a payment service called "Square".
    Please check the URL for the Square service.

  • Tracking Articles

  • I will let you know the tracking number when i ship Articles.
    Articles tracking service URL:

    It will arrive in about 3days in a neighboring country.

  • How to eat and preserve Black garlic

  • Please peel the skin and eat.

    Black garlic is half a year.
    Please go to safekeeping in the refrigerator.

  • Reason for delicious garlic!

    It is made by good soil making and climate.

  • I'm making organic compost

  • strong cold brings delicious

  • Black volcanic ash soil has a lot of minerals.

  • The view of Takko-Town

  • Takko-Town, Aomori Prefecture, Japan

  • There are four seasons, it is a very beautiful place

    Photo gallery is here

    This place is hot in summer and cold in winter.The harsh climate makes delicious garlic.

  • Harvest scene

  • Harvest scene

  • Planting seeds

  • It's me!

  • Thanks for coming

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    I want to share "delicious" to the world.

    Please contact me if you are interested!